NET Reach is a prayer-driven ministry. We would not be here if not for the prayer of many people. Please join us in praying over the neighborhood, residents, staff and volunteers. On this page we will update our most pressing prayer needs.

1) Neighborhood and Family safety and stability
Sustainable jobs, Families facing evictions, addictions, break-ins, children caring for children, gang pressure on young boys, children with incarcerated parents, domestic violence, mental health issues, anger issues, school suspension, housing issues

2) For residents to respond to God’s love through relationships and various programs

  • Doxazo Camp- kids come, gospel taught, logistics, counselors/leaders mentoring the kids
  • Hi-Crest Neighborhood Events
  • Dream Center – open weekly for Dare to Dream families to find jobs
  • Dare to Dream (DTD) Mentoring Program,
  • NET Rewards Store – DTD participants earn virtual dollars and can buy food and household items

3) God’s choice of partners coming alongside with manpower and funding
Churches, corporations, individuals with expertise in various fields, sufficient funding for staff and programs, tech support, mentors


4) God to be glorified in all things and all who are involved in Hi-Crest NET Reach



5) Please pray over the Hi-Crest neighborhood: individual streets, homes and families.

“God, only You know can draw the heart of a person to Yourself. Please, right now, wherever these people are, send Your Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts about their need for You. Draw them to Yourself and raise them up to be a part of Your kingdom.” (from “Pray and Watch”)