Many residents in Hi–Crest are homeless with a roof over their head, meaning that on any given day they are without utilities, like water, gas or electricity.”


Mentoring is an ongoing, supportive relationship between caring individuals that share knowledge, experience and wisdom with one another. It’s an intentional effort to walk along side, not to fix the person or situation, but to offer hope, skills and encouragement along the way.

92% of kids in Hi-Crest live in poverty

46% of families are headed by a single parent

25% unemployment rate

62% of families are affected by domestic violence

70% rental properties

*Stats from 2011 (most recent) neighborhood city health map.
I have learned about poverty and how people survive and how to relate to them in a more meaningful way. I think it is what God wants me to do.”- FRAN {MENTOR}


Youth and families that have limited access to resources are more susceptible to problems such as joblessness, crime, violence and homelessness. Several causes of poverty stem from isolation, lack of resources, education and employment skills. Mentoring relationships and healthy life skills are key to alleviating poverty.

We give hope and guidance…to show them regardless of their situation and status in this world, they have a far greater purpose to God.”- MIKE {MENTOR}


Offered at both the Topeka Rescue Mission and NET Reach, the Dare to Dream program provides participants with a stable and caring team of mentors who offer guidance and support as they set and achieve their life plan goals and strive for personal and professional success.

I hit rough times due to the choices I had made. I had to start from the bottom and I had to start crawling to the top again. I’m not quite there yet. I’m not the woman I want to be, but I’m definitely not the woman that I used to be.”- JEANETTE {DARE TO DREAM GRADUATE}

We were unaware of the needs of people in poverty. The “quick fixes” that we always thought should work we no longer believe. Mentoring gives us empathy for how their days are often lived from one crisis to the next crisis. Our hearts have been opened to needs that were inconceivable before – especially right here in our city.”- JUDY {MENTOR}


The Topeka Rescue Mission (TRM), serving Topeka, Kansas for more than 60 years, is dedicated to helping the homeless by providing emergency shelter, meals, clothing, and other needed items, programs, and services, to the homeless and the community.


NET Reach is the division of TRM that serves local families at risk of homelessness. This pilot site in the Hi-Crest neighborhood is designed to reduce the number of people going through the revolving door at TRM by empowering and stabilizing families.


Steps to becoming a mentor:

1.     Go to

2.     Click on Volunteer Opportunities circle. (The mentoring circle is not set up yet)

3.     Fill out the one page form.  Check NET Reach and Mentoring boxes.  Hit submit.

4.     You will be contacted shortly after submitting your form with the next steps.

If you have any problems or questions at all please email  or you are also welcome to call Anne Freeze at 785-221-5892.