This story begins with an abandoned child, adopted by loving parents, who simply didn’t know about the serious effects of trauma and mental illness in such a young child. It’s about a talented professional, who as a foster mom was frustrated with systems not helping the oppressed. It’s about a grassroots organizer wanting to do more than run programs that didn’t address the real root cause of the problems. And it’s about a Rescue Mission director that was tired of running out of space for the poor and hungry.


This is a story about people answering a call from God. It’s the story of faith communities stepping up and offering to do their mission work differently in their local community. This is a story of relationships, ministry and hope in a place called Hi-Crest.


This is a story about opening doors across the city of Topeka. NET Reach was founded by the Topeka Rescue Mission (TRM) board in hopes to prevent homelessness in neighborhoods that are both a revolving door to the TRM and labeled as Intensive Care on the city health map. NET Reach is funded by TRM, Topeka Community Foundation, United Way of Greater Topeka, Churches, businesses and individual donations. NET Reach formed in January 2013 and moved into the current Avondale East NET Center in July of 2013.


Our Vision and Mission and Purpose

  • Vision: Empowered families thriving in a healthy neighborhood.
  • Mission: Offering help and hope through life changing relationships and resources.
  • Purpose: NET Reach exists to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities through education, empowerment, safety and mentorship.


NET Reach (Neighborhood Empowerment and Transformation) is a systematic plan to address homelessness, poverty, safety and community health through: Neighborhood Empowerment and Transformation. NET Reach is to bring about increased quality of life, as well as homeless, poverty and hunger prevention. In a partnership with Topeka Public Schools and Community Resources Council, the Topeka Rescue Mission created NET Reach.


Our Team

Terry Hund- Hi-Crest NET

Terry is the Director of Hi-Crest NET Reach.

Cathy Ramshaw- Mentor Collaborations Manager

Cathy Ramshaw coordinates the mentoring program at Hi-Crest NET Reach. She also works with community collaboration. Her favorite part is working with the people of Hi-Crest.

Cheryl Hishmeh- Director of NET Program Development

Cheryl Hishmeh has lead several special projects such as creating the Dream Center / Job Center and the NET Rewards Store.  She also helps with many administrative tasks such as volunteer coordination and website management.  Her favorite part of NET Reach is the picture of offering hope in to a neighborhood that feels forgotten.

Brandon Black- Director of Children's Ministries

Brandon Black directs the children and youth ministries at Hi-Crest NET.   He coordinates all the volunteers and programs associated with the Dare to Grow youth program for Dare to Dream families.   Brandon also leads the summer Dare to Grow programs in Hi-Crest. Brandon loves the privilege he has to walk alongside the children in Hi-Crest and teach them what a life with Jesus is all about.